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22/09 ∙ 11:00-22/09 ∙ 14:00 ∙ Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Cyanotype — A Workshop For Children With Leila Kasumović

Cyanotype — a workshop for children with Leila Kasumović

Date: 22nd of September
Time: 11AM–2PM
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Participants: 12

Cyanotype is a simple chemical process where the emulsion is applied to the paper and reacts to light, and is named after the characteristic cyan colour. Anna Atkins, a botanist, was a pioneer who used this method, previously used exclusively for floor plans and designs, in a creative way to "catch" the ferns and algae. Papers, pre-coated with non-hazardous emulsion, are exposed to light, and after lightening, they are fixed with water and then dried.

The workshop is intended for children up to 12 years. Children are free to bring their small items (eg toys, writing accessories, jewellery, and other forms of interesting items) or drawings on a transparent foil. If you do not have anything, we have objects, abstract shapes and foil and flamboyant.

Leila Kasumović has held 3 workshops for children, of which 2 in HDD. She graduated at School of Design, Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts. She works as a graphic designer and in the free time also illustrates the video projection as a VJ.

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