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11/09 ∙ 09:00-22/08 ∙ 20:00 ∙ Oris- House of Architecture

Grand Opening ∙ 2018-08-15 12:00:00

Monica Alcazar-Duarte- ASCENSION
"Domestic Rabbit" from the series Ascension, 2018. Collection of the Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL, London, U.K.

Monica Alcazar-Duarte- ASCENSION

Exhibition period: 11th of September to 22nd of September
Working times: Mon to Fri 09AM – 8PM, Sat 10AM- 3PM
Opening: 15th of September 12PM
Location: Oris – House of Archidecture

Exhibition coordinators: Luja Šimunović, Klara Petrović

Humanity is currently engaged in a new space race. Nations and private corporations are eagerly pushing ahead to develop the technologies required to explore and ultimately exploit the riches of the cosmos. A new generation of space scientists is working to develop the skills required to become explorers of the unlimited frontier. As this determined endeavour continues, life on Earth quietly percolates along with all of its chaos and unpredictability. The natural processes and life cycles that have repeated for millennia continue on their slow evolutionary march.

The improvement of humanity now seems to be linked to leaving behind what makes us human; embracing that which is artificial. Attempting to survive in artificial environments. Developing artificial intelligence. The truth is that what really lies at the heart of our existence is that which is natural, that which is chaotic. Our essence is something that is actually out of our control no matter how much we cover it with technology and how well we explain it with science.

Science has become the new religion of our civilization. Our ascension into space seems to cement our belief in humanity as the god of our age; a master of all that we survey. Despite this, it is in the fragile chaos within us that we find our most authentic nature.

Ascension presents images of space scientists and scientific facilities across Europe in an interactive installation, which includes an augmented reality component. The images are accompanied by a soundscape that includes text by Frank White, noted space-philosopher and theorist.

Originally from Mexico, Monica lives and works in the U.K. She studied Filmmaking, Performance Design and Documentary Photography. Her photobook ‘Your Photos could be used by drug dealers’ was acquired in 2014 for artist book collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Yale University Gallery and the Joan Flasch Collection at the Arts Institute of Chicago. Her work has been exhibited at Format Festival, Les Recontres d’Arles, Getxo Foto and Noorderlicht Festival. In 2017 she obtained the Magnum Graduate Photographer Award and The Photographers’ Gallery Bar-Tur Photobook Award. Monica’s last work ‘Possible Landscapes’ is a reconciliation participatory project for young people in post-conflict countries.

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