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15/09 ∙ 11:00-15/09 ∙ 14:00 ∙ Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

PHOTOGRAMS – A Workshop For Children Lead By Snježana Josipović

PHOTOGRAMS – a workshop for children lead by Snježana Josipović

Date: Saturday, 15th of September
Time: 11AM–2PM
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Photograms is the title of a one-day workshop designed for children going to elementary school (age 9- 12) whose goal is to provide participants with the basics of photography based on practical work. We will go back to the very beginnings of photography – where everything has started, what is light and how it shapes the photos, how does the process of developing photos in the dark chamber look like, etc. If you are interested in making a photo without using a classic camera but instead use a shoe box or you are interested in the use of everyday items to create abstract images – this is the right workshop for your child.

The workshop will last for 3 hours and will focus on making photograms – a photographic image made without using the camera, only by placing the object directly on photo-sensitive material such as photo paper (containing silver-sensitive beads). By illuminating the photo paper and the content (objects) on it, under controlled conditions, we get a negative outline of the subject. The result of this process is the shadow of objects that vary in tone depending on the transparency of the selected objects.

At the end of the workshop, the time machine will bring your kids back to the present and they will be able to present their artworks to their parents and bring them home together with the experiences and knowledge gathered on this wonderful journey!

Participants: 12
Language: Croatian
Duration: Saturday 15.09.2018, from 11:00 to 14:00, MSU Zagreb
You can sign up your child via e-mail – [email protected] – with the title in the e-mail subject “Photograms”.

Snježana Josipović was born in 1982 in Zagreb. After finishing the School for Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb, she graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb – fashion designer diploma. During her studies, she completed a Computer Graphic Design Course at the Open University Algebra in Zagreb and an analogue photo course at the Zagreb Cinema and Photo Association. Since 2006 she has been active in photography. She participates in editing the online magazine for art and photography based in Germany Neo Collective. She publishes his works in online and printed journals and exhibits at exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. She has been the workshop leader of series of creative workshops and activities for children at the Sunokret OLJIN Association, and she volunteered at workshops of the Small School of Architecture organized by the Society of Architects Zagreb and the Association OPA.

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