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05/09 ∙ 20:00-19/09 ∙ 20:00 ∙ Gallery SC

Grand Opening ∙ 2018-09-05 20:00:00

Denis Butorac, Ivan Gundić: The Exam 2018- Graduate Photography Students, ADU

Denis Butorac, Ivan Gundić: The Exam 2018- Graduate photography students, ADU

Exhibition period: 5th of September to 19th of September
Working times: Mon-Fri 12-8PM, Sat 10AM-1PM
Opening: Wednesday 5th of September at 8PM
Artist talk: Wednesday 5th of September at 8PM
Location: Gallery SC

Mentor: Sandra Vitaljić, red. prof. art

Denis Butorac and Ivan Gundić are going to present their respective photo series. The exhibition is the result of year-long work on an art project, which is going to be presented to the public for the first time. The exam is moving from the institution to the public space of the gallery, and the degree show will also serve as a test of communication with the audience.

In Homesick, Denis Butorac challenges the traditional socially approved masculinity rituals based on a collective suppression of emotions, in which he had never wanted to participate. He uses photography as a psychotherapeutic tool for confronting his childhood trauma and a new model for relating to his family and community.

In The Passage for Wild Animals, Ivan Gundić constructs the imaginary space of heterotopia, reflecting on the relations between space, knowledge and power. Using the camera to shoot wild animals, he is trying to depict man stripped of any cultural factors and markers of individual identity. If history emerged at the same time as self-awareness, then the Passage is a timeless space in which that had never happened. It has to exist in order to expose all other places as real and so that our social utopia can be realized.

The exhibition is organized by the Department of Photography, and the mentor is prof. Sandra Vitaljić. The exhibition is open until Wednesday, 19 September, weekdays from 12 to 20h, and Saturdays from 10 to 13h.

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