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13/09 ∙ 16:00-13/08 ∙ 17:00 ∙ Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Engaged, Active, Aware- Women’s Perspectives Now Exhibition Tour
Ilona Szwarc, Indeed a New Woman

Engaged, Active, Aware- Women’s Perspectives Now exhibition tour

Time: Thursday, 13 of September 2018 at 4PM
Location: Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb


Join us on Thursday from 4PM in Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb for an artist talk walk where all the artists from main Festival exhibition Engaged, Active, Aware- Women’s Perspectives Now will have a conversation through their works together with the curators of the show Marina Paulenka and Lea Vene.

As part of the programme of the 10th International photography festival Organ Vida, the chosen finalists of this year’s open call on the topic of New Citizens will hold a tour of the festival’s main exhibition and offer visitors a deeper insight into their projects.

The exhibiting artists of the 10th edition of the Organ Vida festival are:

Raphaela Rosella, You’ll Know It When You Feel It (2018);  Australia
Julia Fullerton-Batten, The Act (2017); UK
Nausica Giulia Bianchi, ORDINATION (2015); Italy
Cemre Yesil & Alice Caracciolo, Piet[r]a (2017); Turkey
Gloria Oyarzabal, Woman Go No’Gree (2017); Spain
Catrine Val, FEMINIST (2013); Germany
Ilona Szwarc, Indeed a new woman (2018); Poland, USA
Ke Peng, Salt Ponds (2016); China
Mafalda Rakos, I want to disappear – Approaching Eating Disorders (2013);  Austria, Netherlands
Silvia Bigi, The tree of milk (2017); Italy

Artists selected for the screenings of the 10th edition of the Organ Vida festival are:

Naghmeh Navabi, A home, no longer mine (2018); Iran, UK
Ashely Miller, Still Life Series (2018); USA
Karla G.Guerrero, Berta (2018); Mexico
Loulou d’Aki, Mother of choice (2017); Sweden
Jennifer Loeber, GYRLE (2017); USA

Nora Novak, The Nature of a Home (2018); Croatia, Germany
Roos Quakernaat, A Proper Dish (2016); Netherlands
Alice Mann, Drummies (2018); South Africa, UK
Alexa Vachon, Rise (2018); Canada, Germany
Sara Bennett, Life After Life in Prison: The Bedroom Project (2017)USA

The grand opening of the exhibition as well the Festival will be on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, from 8 pm.

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